No Claims Without Proofs

We do not want you to only trust us. We want you to be sure that what we tell you about {save} is backed with hard evidence.

This is why we decided to commission a third party to test our products. A patch test was performed by a global leader in the product testing industry from Florida. The test, that took 96h with multiple applications, proved {save} to have irritation potential similar to this od deionized water! It is less than minimal perceptible.

Another tests proved {save} to be hypoallergenic. They were performed with the supervision of dermatologists on a group of people with allergy prone, sensitive, dry skin and no negative reaction was observed.

We also tested our products on a group of pregnant women and the results confirmed extreme gentleness and safety of {save}. Nevertheless, should there be any concern for a specific ingredient or allergic condition, we recommend consulting with your physician.

You can consider claims {save} is kind to skin, safe for skin, mild for skin as officially clinically proven!

Be like {save}. Be kind to your skin.