Smarter routine with multitaskers

by {save}

If you are busy like most of us are these days, you may be looking for a simple spring and summer skincare routine. Depending on what part of the country you live, you are probably starting to see warmer weather. In the south there have already been several days in the mid to high 80's.

With warmer weather setting in, most people don't need as many layers as in the winter as skin tends to not be as dry in the warmer months. 

A lot of people will be traveling and going on vacations, another reason to seek a simple routine and not have to pack an entire suitcase full of products.

When looking for a simple routine, seek ingredients that are multi-taskers, like our new Marula Oil.  You can throw this product in your bag and take care of hydrating the skin and use it on your hair as well. You can also rub this super star product on your cuticles! Many love the idea of having a product you can use in so many different ways. If you do travel on a plane, you may notice that it leaves your skin parched. You can use this product to replenish hydration, leaving smoother healthier looking skin right away.  A few drops on your hair and you can also tame the frizz or fly-aways.

While Marula Oil is perfect for hydrating all over- the Anti-pollution Vitamin C Booster is another great addition to your arsenal. While this is only used on the face, it has a multitude of benefits. It is a powerful agent to protect your skin from environmental stressors while brightening and preventing early aging while it evens skin tone. The Vitamin C Booster can be used alone, or mixed with any moisturizer for added hydrating properties.

Simple doesn't have to be boring. Just focus on how your skin is behaving, notice how it reacts as the weather gets warmer, and look for clean ingredients that can help balance changes you might see.

Sometimes we have to tweak our skincare routine somewhat as the seasons change. {save} has several products that help with different skin concerns without adding unnecessary additives and chemicals.

If you're looking to simplify your daily routine, check our curated Skin Essentials set for a powerful yet quick daily routine.

Enjoy these longer warmer days, take care of and protect your skin as best as you can and stay safe.

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