Our Impact

Why We Care

In addition to her passion for clean, natural skincare, {save} CEO Joanna Draniak-Kicínska is passionate about serving others. Joanna recognizes the importance of treating each day as a gift and it’s the reason that {save} skincare operates with conscience, respecting people, resources and the planet.

How We Show It

Women’s empowerment

CEO Joanna Draniak-Kicínska was born into a company that was started by her mother, just after the fall of communism in Poland. Joanna’s mother wasn’t afraid to be bold and take risks, and raised a daughter who was fierce and bold just like her.

Caring about women’s health and beauty is our business, but we’re so much more than a beauty company. We recognize the strength and power of women, and the important role that women play in society. We know that when women are happy and confident, everyone benefits.

Angel Night

We’ve been involved in our local community since the beginning, first partnering with our local domestic violence shelter, The Laurel Center. For the last two years in December, we’ve held our {save} Angel Night in which 100% of proceeds are donated to The Laurel Center. A night of community, laughter and commitment to serving others. Be a part of the 2020 evening by watching the event replay on our YouTube. Save the date for our Third Annual {save} Angel Night, December 2021 in Winchester, Virginia.

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30% of sales go directly to Laurel center

10% commitment #empoweredbysave

Additionally, we’re honored to offer financial support to other important national initiatives. Monthly, we’ve continued our “10% Commitment”, donating 10% of all sales supporting nonprofits determined to make a difference; tackling issues such as making women feel supported and beautiful while undergoing treatment for cancer, promoting a positive body image in young women, providing resources and support for nurses, and providing national resources to fight against domestic violence. Learn more about the amazing organizations we've partnered with!

Gyrl Wonder the breasties Move Movement The Laurel Center NCADV Operation Happy Nurse Best Buddies To Write Love on Her Arms Women Global Empowerment Fund Heifer International

If your organization would like to be considered to be a recipient of our 10% commitment, please contact us at contact@saveskincare.com.

Fair Labor Practices

We believe that creating a better world starts at home. That’s why as a company, we value our people and treat each employee with fair and friendly work conditions. Our family company is built on trust and friendship. We believe that creating a great work environment with fair pay and safe, sensitive working conditions is not only the right thing to do, but in the end, results in a more successful business. Our team is composed of passionate people devoted to our mission, and we care for each and every one of them.

Respecting Our Planet

{save} products are formulated with highly biodegradable ingredients. 95 to 99% of our products will fully decompose into natural elements, returning to the earth while doing no harm. We put this same amount of care and thought into our packaging, using recyclable packaging that conforms to the international cosmetic standards of Ecocert and Cosmos. {save} packaging meets requirements regarding cleanliness, hygiene and traceability throughout all processes and ensures that packaging respects the environment.

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Power - Our ingredients and manufacturing proccess require lower energy consumption.
Ingredients - Biodegradable, environmentally friendly formulas on Instagram


{save} is committed to sustainable practices in all portions of the manufacturing process. Our manufacturing facility is powered by sources that incorporate renewable energy. We use minimal water in our manufacturing processes, and have installed LED lighting in all manufacturing and office facilities. At {save} we use ingredients and processes that require lower energy consumption such as cold processing. Even our printing company is chosen for its low carbon footprint. {save} also takes steps to minimize any pollution emissions during every step of the manufacturing process.

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