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Naughty or nice, we all deserve to be pampered!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! With all the Christmas lights shining around, Michael Bublé in the background, your friends and family near, and the house smelling like freshly baked gingerbread cookies, it’s time to open up some presents! And let’s face it, the older we get, the more joy it brings to give the gifts rather than receive. So if you’re looking for a perfect gift – we’ve got you covered!

Self-care is especially important in the midst of the pandemic – it seems we all need to take our minds off of it and enjoy a moment of relaxation – why not share it with the ones you love? We have put together this gift guide with a few options for those on your Christmas list. Naughty or nice, they deserve to be pampered!


#1 For your mom

The hardest working lady you know, and constant support! For her, we suggest enhancing her natural beauty with our

  • Smoothing Eye Cream – with Bakuchiol to take care of those fine lines
  • Anti-pollution Moisturizer – slightly thicker, nourishing and protective
  • Anti-pollution Vitamin C Booster – tackles hyperpigmentation
  • Gentle Gommage Exfoliator – for occasional, gentle exfoliation
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For your mom



#2 For your best friend

Let’s celebrate this wonderful friend with a

  • Hydrating Facial Cleanser – don't worry, it's gentle and suits all skin types, including dry skin
  • Ultra-Light Moisturizer – feather-light, works great also under makeup
  • Marula Oil – our #1 multitasker – hydrating, soothing, strengthening

Feel free to add these items to a self-care basket next to a bubble bath, wine and chocolates.

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best friend set



#3 For the guys

Why not give your dad, brother, boyfriend or your best friend that gorgeous skin too? We suggest the

  • Hydrating Facial Cleanser – one skincare step never to be skipped
  • Rejuvenating Moisturizer – perfect choice for any skin type or concern
  • Clean Pore Replenishing Mask – calming irritation after shaving AND at the same time helping with the breakouts

An easy but effective routine!

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best the guys set



#4 For you

You have been a real hero this year! It’s been challenging but you’ve made it to December and you absolutely deserve some self-care! For you we suggest a bottle of wine, a long bath, and beautiful skincare. Try our

  • Gentle Gommage Exfoliator - rub off the stress of this passed year!
  • Anti-Pollution Eye Cream – enhance those gorgeous eyes
  • Marula Oil – nourish your skin, your hair, your nails and elbows – all parts of your body deserve some love!
  • Anti-pollution Moisturizer – protect your skin from early aging, because why not?
  • Anti-pollution Sleeping Mask – perfect after a long tiring day, or any other day of the year. Wake up with fresh, moisturized and regenerated complexion.


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for you set


We also have some great gift options for those that are really hard to shop for! Your friend who says she doesn’t really have time for skincare, or this friend who is always traveling – do you even know his home address at this point?


#5 For a Skinimalist

Because no-one should skip skincare - easy two-step am and pm routine:

  • Hydrating Facial Cleanser – one skincare step never to be skipped
  • Rejuvenating Moisturizer – perfect choice for any skin type or concern
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skinimalist set



#6 For a Traveler

Let’s get your friend ready for take off with our:

  • Travel size Hydrating Facial Cleanser – They never give free face cleansers in hotels, do they?
  • Travel size Rejuvenating Moisturizer – Wherever you are – a moisturizer is a must!
  • Marula Oil – some like to call it “Genie in a bottle” for face, hair and body care

All suitable for a carry on bag!

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#7 A gift that gives back

Our mission of serving women led us to team up with those who create a safe space for women in our community. 50% of this set cost will be donated to The Laurel Center, our long term partner, in their mission of helping women who are survivors of domestic or sexual violence. Be a part of it! The set includes:

  • Ultra-light Moisturizer
  • Anti-pollution Vitamin C Booster
  • Anti-pollution Sleeping Mask
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More casual?

Great skincare products are also great stocking stuffers!

Our travel size products of 1 fl.oz. volume are perfect for anyone who wants to try out our skincare, likes to travel and enjoys experimenting with beauty!
They might be small but a little goes a long way!


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travel sizes


Need it quick?

And for the last-minute gifts (Whoops!)- Our digital gift card! Your loved ones can choose what they like from our collection, and you get another present checked off your list in no time!


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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Reach out to us with any questions and we would be glad to help:contact@saveskincare.com

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