From an idea to the real product

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Have you ever wondered how we come up with the idea for a new product? How does an idea get turned into a product you can find in our store?

Often, initial product ideas come from our team or from you-our awesome customers! We answer the question “What do we want to achieve with this product? Is there a problem that we want to solve?” This leads us to seek the right ingredients, and attempt to develop the right combination. We often change the formula several times before getting the perfect fit. We want to not only achieve the effectiveness of the product, but also want the right texture, smell and feeling on the skin. This can take several weeks or even months! Our team tries all versions, and determines what we believe to be the best fit. This part is exciting, we love to test it, exchange our impressions, and share ideas on how to improve it!

The product is developed in our own laboratory in Poland, EU, supervised by our Research and Development team, where the highest standards are kept.

The EU prohibits many harmful substances, so you can be sure we select only the safest ingredients. Once we’ve determined the best formula, we produce a small amount of product for the tests.

manufacturing process

We also send a small batch to be tested to the third-party evaluators. Through these tests we ensure the product is effective, but also safe for those with many types of skin, including those with sensitive skin. You never need to rely solely on our team's opinion on the product! Let us remind you that we never test on animals but on a willing group of men and women.

manufacturing new product

At that point we are already super fans of the new product and we start the hardest part of how to convey that to you. Our operations and communications team begin working on the design and product information for the packaging so that you can find all the relevant information when you finally hold our product in your hands. Have you ever checked the inside of our paper boxes? There's more information there, pro tips, Q&As and more! This has let us eliminate additional inserts and reduce our environmental footprint.

After all of that we fill the new product into containers, place it in our paper boxes, ship to the US and the UK, and after all this hard work we are ready for launch! We call our products our babies, but don't tell anyone, we don't want to seem too sentimental (or crazy)!

Could this mean we have a new product coming out soon? Stay tuned!

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