How do we test our products?

by {save}

As you may know, {save} has a strong commitment to women’s safety and health. We want you to be sure that what we tell you about our {save} products is backed with hard evidence. That’s where our third-party evaluator comes in.

Our third-party evaluator provides us with several types of tests for each and every product. As new products are developed, they are always tested and results evaluated before they are added to our collection.

First, patch tests are conducted. Over 96 hours and multiple applications, {save} products are shown to have the same irritation potential as water, less than minimally perceptible.

Another set of tests continuously prove {save} is hypoallergenic. These tests are performed under the supervision of dermatologists on a group of people with allergy prone, sensitive, dry skin and we are happy to report that no negative reaction has been observed on any of the test groups. In product testing of the eye creams and Hydrating Facial Cleanser, we’ve also brought in an ophthalmologist.

Testing conditions are defined with typical daily life in mind, so as to ensure reproducible results that our customers can depend on. Detailed usage procedure, dosage, frequency and other indicators are strictly defined in order to receive reliable tests results.

Additionally, we also test our products on a group of pregnant women and the results confirm the same- extreme gentleness and safety of {save} products.

Last but not least, our products are 100% cruelty free. We never test on animals during any stage of our product development or production, we do not commission animal testing of our products or ingredients.

While we have these tests done, we always caution our customers to make choices best for them and their skin. Although our ingredients are natural, allergies do still exist- sometimes even to the gentlest ingredient.

Our team at {save} is proud of our products, and even more proud of our claims-backed up by science! You can be assured that {save} is kind and safe for skin, clinically proven.

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