Anti-pollution skincare - how does it work?

- by Michelle Brownlee
Slow down.  Unwind.  Breathe.  While we know it's not always easy, {save} promotes taking time for yourself in this busy world. 

This might mean reading a book, having a cup of coffee, or just enjoying the scenery on your drive home after a busy day.  Our anti-pollution line helps us slow down and focus on protecting the gorgeous skin we already have, and using proven ingredients to make it even more beautiful. This is why we have developed our anti-pollution skin care line, to encourage women to take a moment for themselves, while promoting healthy skin care habits.

Anti-pollution products have been trending in Europe over the past two years, and {save} has finally brought these incredible products to the US. Protecting skin from pollution is the current goal for many major beauty companies, and now it is available direct to consumers.

Anti-pollution products may sound as though they’re only for those who live in urban areas with air quality concerns, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

These products can actually prevent skin damage from air pollution particles of all sizes. This can be pollution in urban areas from air quality concerns or free radical activity and oxidation in rural areas. For every environment, anti-pollution skin care helps repair daily damage done by UV and IR radiation and blue light, allergens, heat and cold, and dryness. These factors can cause skin damage and premature skin aging.

Ectoin is really the hero in anti-pollution products.

This naturally derived ingredient does all the heavy lifting when it comes to anti-pollution effects. Ectoin has shown protective and regenerative effects in response to various sources of stress that affect skin. It is also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory- it even has medical applications for both skin and lung inflammatory conditions. Scientific evidence shows that Ectoin improves the integrity of the skin barrier, thereby helping the body’s natural defenses to work optimally, as they’re designed to do. This super ingredient has also demonstrated outstanding hydrating properties and works to lock in skin's moisture. These properties are crucial for preventing skin damage and premature aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines, keeping skin looking young, elastic and well hydrated.

{save} offers these products with anti-pollution properties: Anti-Pollution Moisturizer, Anti-Pollution Sleeping Mask, Anti-Pollution Eye Cream, Anti-Pollution Vitamin C Booster.

{save} products are manufactured in Poland, where E.U. personal care manufacturing standards are far stricter than they are here in the U.S. While the U.S. personal care industry is largely unregulated, in Europe 1,328 ingredients are specifically banned from skincare products.


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