Eye Cream and Quarantine...

- by Zara Ryan
About 5 days into home quarantine, I realized I had been skipping eye cream in my skincare routine. That got me wondering-is there only a daily benefit to applying eye cream or is there a long term benefit? Should I keep using it during this period of working from home, wearing sweatpants and taking sporadic showers? After all, no one is going to see me…

I decided to ask my friend and experienced esthetician Courtney Seniff for some advice- and I figured, if I’m wondering about this, I bet some other people are too.

Here’s what Courtney had to say on the matter!

Me: I have an Esthetician question for you- should you use eye cream daily for long term benefits, or is it just working to make your skin appear better on the day you use it?

Courtney: It’s both, so if you use a specific cream made for that thin, delicate skin.... it will work- it will instantly hydrate and make you think wow! BUT In order for it to actually improve/change the skin, you truly have to be religious about using the eye cream and regular moisturizers just don’t cut it. That tiny patch of skin around your eyes is completely different than the rest of your face. You can actually change the skin if you use hydrating ingredients- but once it’s built back up, you want to hydrate and take care of it so that doesn’t happen again —so long term application on that area helps prevent aging, wrinkles and dry skin.

Me: Thank you! I would have totally stopped using it if I hadn’t asked you! So which of the {save} ingredients do you see as having these hydrating benefits?

Courtney: Well definitely the bakuchiol in the Smoothing Eye Cream is great for wrinkle prevention. Ectoin in the Anti-pollution Eye Cream is also super hydrating, and moisturizing shea butter is in both of the eye creams. One of the ingredients that I think is super unique and interesting is the trehalose (in the Smoothing Eye Cream) which comes from plants that can stay dry for ages and still live- so you know that one is great for locking in moisture!

I would say take advantage of this time that you can have a treatment on that thin delicate skin around the clock... what a treat for your skin. It’s like watering a plant..... it perks everything up and keeps it healthy. If you just water a plant every month it will not thrive.

Me: I’ve tried them both, and as a previously very intermittent user of eye creams, I will say, I’m a convert. I loved both of the {save} eye creams, but the one I find myself reaching for every day is the Smoothing Eye Cream, for my skin this one is my go to for sure!

So the verdict is YES! Keep using that eye cream, eventually we will all come out of this and have to enter society once again. Our nails may be ragged, our hair may need coloring, but our eyes…well they can be more radiant than ever before!

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