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- by Zara Ryan
Hi! Let me introduce myself, I’m Zara from {save} and I’ll be writing most of our blog posts on this site.

I’ve been working with {save} since the fall of 2019. What I love about this company is that they’re independently owned, and they treat their employees like family. The owners Joanna and Michal also have a heart for giving back to their community- in fact, it was one of their first priorities when they first moved to our small corner of Virginia. It’s important to me that my personal values align with my work, and {save}’s responsible manufacturing and packaging commitments rank high on my list of considerations.

I’m someone who has sensitive skin, is prone to breakouts, and has paid lots of money over the years for all types of different skincare routines. It’s important to me to avoid questionable chemicals and substances for both health and aesthetic reasons- I try to stick to clean products for my body, my family and my home. I also don’t love the look of acne on my 42 year old face (that’s the aesthetic part). My favorite products are the Gentle Gommage Exfoliator, the Ultralight Moisturizer and the Anti-Pollution Vitamin C booster. I love how these products make my skin look and feel, and I can feel good about using them too.

I’ve always used some type of skincare routine, but I was never an expert. So I’m writing about {save} and skincare in general through the eyes of an everyday American woman. I’m a writer, a health and fitness enthusiast, an environmentally conscious consumer, a foodie, a traveler and a mom of two boys, living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

I’m learning more every day about the skincare industry and the ingredients that are used, and I’m sharing what I learn with you here on the {save} blog. Cheers to a beautiful 2020!

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