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- by Joanna Draniak-Kicinska

I wanted to introduce myself - I am Joanna, the founder of {save} skincare.

I’ve been involved in the skin care industry since I was 4 - my mom founded the European company in our basement in Poland. I vividly remember adding ingredients using a pipette, and my love for skin care began!

Now, I am the CEO of European company BANDI and the founder of {save}. I decided to develop this line because I wanted to introduce clean, healthy and natural skin care to the United States. With the support of my husband, Michal, and our two girls, we packed up and moved to the United States in July 2019. It’s been an adjustment, but we are so glad to be here on this new adventure. I feel blessed to have the support of my family but also my team in Poland, which has always felt like family - even as we are thousands of miles away. As we continue to build our team in the US, we maintain the same close relationships with our team here as well.

For fun, I love skiing, playing tennis and spending time cooking and baking with my girls. The recipes don’t always turn out, but we always have a good time! (We recently tried to make a cheesecake with cottage cheese- ingredients are different in Poland!) I’m always striving to establish balance for all of us, and one of my favorite sayings is “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. I remind myself and my team of this often, and encourage our customers to take time for themselves, even in the midst of our to-do lists and busy lives.

I believe a well-educated consumer is beneficial for our brand, because we are proud of our ingredients, process and products. I hope this blog will be educational and interesting!

I love hearing from our customers, so please reach out to me with questions or feedback - or even blog topic ideas!

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