Preparing for Spring!

- by Joanna Draniak-Kicinska

Are you as excited as I am for the Spring? The flowers are starting to bloom, the weather is changing and so is my skincare routine!

In Winter the weather is cold, requiring us to be inside with forced air for long periods of time. This, combined with temperature changes and blustery weather can easily dry out skin. We focus on heavier moisturizers which are rich and extra moisturizing, and in Spring we change things up!

An ingredient that I love that doesn’t get enough attention (in my opinion!) is trehalose.

Another natural ingredient, it is a sugar that is found in plants, healthy bacteria and/or fungi. Organisms use this sugar as a source of energy, to survive harsh conditions, such as freezing temperatures and lack of water.

As you may know, hydration is key to maintaining a youthful appearance, and trehalose works to protect the source of collagen from dehydration. It works to retain moisture and prevent dryness, can effectively retain water and strengthen barrier function.

Various conditions result in irritation of the skin stimulating keratinocytes to release inflammatory factors which can cause itching and irritation. Trehalose inhibits the release of some inflammatory factors caused by drying. This ingredient provides hydration, but is also nearly weightless so it won’t leave your skin greasy and does not contribute to clogged pores.

Trehalose is found in several {save} products but for Spring, focus on products with a lighter feel while still being hydrating. I love the Rejuvenating Moisturizer, thanks to its texture and hydration but now I’m moving into our Ultra-Light Moisturizer season- with probiotics, this moisturizer gives the skin extra protection, and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

Like all {save} products, our moisturizers are all natural and 100% free from parabens, mineral oils, fragrance, essential oils, alcohol or silicones.

Welcome Spring and gorgeous skin!


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