{save} takes full responsibility...

- by Zara Ryan

I’m decidedly not a sales person- my background is actually in the sciences (I’m a biologist by training). And, if you asked my friends and family to describe me, they’d probably use some combination of the words tree-hugger, hippie, and crunchy- I wore socks with Birkenstocks in college and clipped a reusable coffee mug to my backpack:). What I’m trying to say is that protecting the earth ranks high on my list of priorities, and I couldn’t work for a company that didn’t align with my personal values. Products that are good for the planet and good for my health are increasingly easy to find today, thankfully! But are they all the same? My background in science and my passion for natural products led me to {save} and here’s why...

Choosing packaging is such an important piece when it comes to the environmental impact a company can have, so I asked some questions.

{save} uses airless pump bottles made out of recyclable plastics and recyclable cardboard boxes with printed materials on the box to reduce our paper use. Airless packaging is chosen for products with sensitive, natural formulas that can be affected by exposure to air and UV light, causing the products to change color, accelerate decay, and become less effective. Airless packaging guarantees that there is no wasted product with this type of bottle/pump.

I learned that {save} is committed to sustainable practices in all portions of the manufacturing process as well. Our manufacturing facility is powered from sources that incorporate renewable energy sources. We use minimal water in our manufacturing processes, and have installed LED lighting in all manufacturing and office facilities. At {save} we use ingredients and processes that require lower energy consumption such as cold processing. Even our printing company is chosen for it's low carbon footprint. {save} also takes steps to minimize any pollution emissions – we use environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients as often as possible.

{save} seems to spend as much time thinking about their packaging and manufacturing as they do developing effective, safe, and clean products.

Here’s the bottom line- if we’re going to protect your health and safety with our skin care products, it’s crucial that we also work to protect the earth that we all live on- otherwise, what is the point?


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